Monday, 1 August 2011

Fairy Wishing Well, Heinäkuu 2011 / July 2011

Kesäkuun lopussa jäätiin tähän / This is where we left off at the end of June:

Tässä kuussa sain ensimmäisen rivin valmiiksi / I got the first row done this month:

Ja vähän toistakin aloitin / And a start on the second row:

Nyt sitten vaan jatkamaan puunrunkoa! Ensimmäiseen riviin meni puolitoista vuotta, katsotaan kauanko kestää toisen valmistuminen!

Heaven and Earth Designsilla oli taas alennusmyynti, synttärien johdosta tällä kertaa. Ajattelin taas samalla logiikalla kuin viimeksi ostaa muutaman ohjeen, etteivät vain jää ihanuudet hankkimatta jos vaikka joskus lähitulevaisuudessa lakkaavat myymästä juuri näitä ohjeita. Ja pitäähän sitä olla valinnanvaraa sitten kun aloittaa seuraavan HAED-projektin! Nämä siis ostin:
Curl Up With A Good Book
Faery 2
High Tea
Tea Cup Bath
Ihania, eikö? Miesystävänikin tuumasi noiden lohikäärmeiden olevan söpöjä, saan kuulemma sitten valmiina ripustaa niitä meidän olohuoneen seinälle. Olisikohan siinä minun seuraava HAED-projektini, sitten joskus kun saan Fairy Wishing Wellin valmiiksi...


So, the first row took me about a year and six months to complete, now let's see how long the second row takes!

They had another sale at Heaven and Earth Designs this month, and using the same logic I used during the last sale, I decided to buy a few lovely charts just to make sure that I won't end up missing them if they decide to stop selling them some day. So I bought these:
Curl Up With A Good Book
Faery 2
High Tea
Tea Cup Bath
Lovely, aren't they? My boyfriend agrees that the dragons are extremely cute and says that he totally wouldn't mind seeing them hanging on our living room wall. I guess that'll be my next HAED project after Fairy Wishing Well!


Anonymous said...

Fairy Wishing well looks amazing! You are making good progress =)

Yes, the Haed-Sale... They are just having one and I am so tempted! I have a few charts in my stash but there are still some that are very lovely. Your argument concerning that the charts could be gone before I bought them is quite strong ;-)

The dragon are soooo cute =)

mdgtjulie said...

Cute new charts. I like Curl Up with a Good Book too. Spanger has some cute dragons. I also like his Sanctuary of Knowledge, but it's a huge chart. I would have thought your Faery was a Josephine Wall. It looks like her style. Oh, well, enjoy your new charts, and kitting them up!! FWW looks fabulous. I love the way it's working up!!

Bec said...

WOW! a year and 6 months? gosh.
HAED's are very heavy stitching. But their charts are beautiful and have such amazing detail!

You picked some gorgeous charts! I love the tea cup bath. The dragons are soo cute!

Anne said...

Wonderful progress on your piece! I love those new charts! Super cute dragons :D

Joysze said...

Whoa, Heli... you've gotten to much done. It's beautiful!!!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What spectacular shading and detail in that piece!

Gizzimomo said...

Fairy Wishing Well is seriously stunning and obvious worth every moment you spend on stitching her!